Sermon Audio

Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Swept Into Community: Part Two - James Penner 2015-10-18
Swept Into Community/Baby Dedication - James Penner 2015-10-06
Summer and Local Ministry Sharing 2015-09-27
Find Your True Self in Jesus - James Penner 2015-09-20
10th Anniversary Celebration 2015-09-15
Do Who You Are - James Penner 2015-08-30
Live Your Life with Eternity in Mind - James Penner 2015-08-23
Greed: The Heart Revealed - James Penner 2015-08-16
We Reap What We Sow - James Penner and Clive Russel 2015-08-02
The Parable of the Sower - Steven Schmidt 2015-07-19
The Present Power of the Kingdom of God - James Penner 2015-07-05
Having a Summer That's Good for Your Soul (and Testimonies) - James Penner 2015-06-28
Lust: The Stronghold of a Wounded Heart - James Penner 2015-06-21
Freed From the Grip of Shame - Graham Tyson 2015-06-14
Anger: A Root of Wrongdoing in the Human Heart - James Penner 2015-06-02
The Heart of a Truly Good Person - James Penner 2015-05-24
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit - James Penner 2015-05-03
The Bride of Christ - James Penner 2015-04-26
A Whole New Way of Living - James Penner 2015-04-19
Jesus, the Way to God for Now and Eternity - Gary MacKay 2015-04-12

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