Sermon Audio

Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Who is Qualified? Matthew 9:35-10:4 2019-03-03 Matthew
Faith that Moves Matthew 9:18-34 2019-02-24 Matthew
Seeing the Sick Matthew 9:9-17 2019-02-17 Matthew
Authority of Jesus Matthew 8:23-9:8 2019-02-10 Matthew
Stepping Forward Matthew 7:13-29 2019-01-27 Matthew
Counting the Cost Matthew 8:18-22 2019-01-13 Matthew
Advent: Love Luke 1:1-14 2018-12-23 Tough Questions
Advent: Peace Isaiah 9:6-7 2018-12-09 Tough Questions
(Unfinished) Stories of Hope 1 Peter 3:15 2018-12-02 Tough Questions
Inward Righteousness Matthew 6:1-18 2018-11-18 Matthew
Peace Sunday Matthew 5:17-48 2018-11-11 Matthew
Life in the Kingdom Matthew 5:1-16 2018-10-28 Matthew
The Journey of Discipleship: The Call Matthew 4:12-25 2018-10-21 Matthew
Looking at Victory Matthew 4:1-11 2018-10-14 Matthew
Kingdom of Heaven: Shaping Our Lives Matthew 3:1-17 2018-10-07 Matthew
Bowing Down and Letting Go Matthew 2:1-23 2018-09-30 Matthew
A Journey in Obedience Matthew 1:18-25 2018-09-23 Matthew
Discipleship: Our Great Journey Matthew 2018-09-09 Matthew
Pursued John 1:1-18 2018-09-02 Tough Questions
Compassion in a Mosaic World Acts 17:16
Acts 17:22-34

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