Faith River Christian Fellowship Return to Services Procedure, revA5 Developed by FRCF Council

1. Preamble

Note: The services will be a blessing but will be different. The realities of a service during COVID require that we have regard to our government and our love/concern for one another and our neighbours.

The pandemic we are presently in has made it necessary to change how we live, work, play and interact as a church family. Life may never completely be the same due to this experience and we have tried to be innovative and make the best of the situation. We recognize the risks are not over but we believe there are substantial benefits to returning to physical services and the risks can be reasonably mitigated through planning and discipline. This document outlines the procedures we will be using for our return to services. The procedures will not be fixed and will be updated as required due to lessons learned, the local COVID situation and of course government guidelines.

2. Church Preparation

  1. Church Pews - Government regulations presently dictate a maximum capacity of 30% or 150 people. In our situation, the limiting factor will be keeping a 2m separation. In order to maximize capacity and avoid any confusion, some pews will be removed and the rest suitably spaced. We estimate the capacity will be approximately 60 people.

  2. Traffic Signs - Will be used to clearly indicate the flow of traffic in the church.

  3. Pew occupancy – There will be two types of pew occupancy. Full usage will be available only for people of the same “bubble” (see Registration). The second type is for two people on each end of the pew separated by 2m. Each pair must consist of people from the same “bubble”.

  4. Bubble Definition – The church service is not the place to start a new bubble. We ask that everyone carefully identify who are part of their existing bubble (roommates, couples, family members, other).

  5. Coat Racks - All coat hangers will be removed. Everyone is requested to bring their coat into the sanctuary.

  6. Hand Sanitizer - Will be located at each church entrance and at various locations throughout the building.

  7. Mail Boxes – will not be available until further notice.

  8. Offering - An offering will not be taken during the services. Everyone is encouraged to tithe using electronic methods (auto deposit, e-transfer). An offering box will be available for those who need an alternative method.

3. Registration
Note – Since we will have limited reduced capacity, we may not be able to accept everyone that tries to register. We anticipate that this may not be an issue initially but eventually will be. We will monitor this situation and will provide updates to plans and procedures as required.

  1. Method – Registration will be made through our website. There will be a link each week on the calendar. Each week is a separate event and registration is required weekly.

  2. Alternative method - If you cannot register using the online method, is to call into the church office (306-978-0251) from Tuesday to Thursday. In an emergency, call Pastor Michael and leave details.

  3. The Faith River web site address is;

  4. Instructions for Registering – are included on the website

  5. Registration Information – You will be asked to indicate how many tickets are required and the names. Please register only for the people you plan to sit with.

  6. Registration Deadline – The normal registration deadline will be Friday at 12:00 noon. However, during this transition period, we ask that on-line registration take place no later than 6:00 pm Saturday. Office phone in registration is only available Tuesday to Thursday up to 4:30 pm.

4. Entering Procedure

  1. Masks must be worn at all times, on site, by everyone above the age of 9. This requirement starts upon leaving a vehicle or arriving on site by others means. It includes inside and outside the church building.

  2. The front south set of doors will be used to enter the building. Ushers will be located at the door to indicate when inside space is available and answer any questions. Everyone is to remain outside until notified to enter. Some of the floors will be marked with spacing markers. Otherwise maintain a 2m separation at all times including while lined up outside.

  3. Everyone entering the building will be required to use hand sanitizer.

  4. After entering the building proceed directly to the sanctuary and to the next suitable bench.

  5. Do not go to the front of the church, the multipurpose room or down to the basement, unless using the lower basement washroom.

  6. Keep as far from people as practical when walking down the isles.

5. Service Procedure

  1. Everyone is to remain in their seats throughout the service.

  2. The masks must used at all times by everyone above the age of 9 years.

6. Exiting Procedure

  1. People in the west pews will exit out the front of the church to the north door.

  2. People in the east pews will exit out the foyer doors.

  3. Each pew shall exit in order, starting with the pew closest to the exit (the front pew on the west side and the back pew on the east side).

  4. Maintain proper separation at all times including after existing the building.

7. Cleaning Procedure

  1. Regular cleaning activities will continue. In addition;

  2. All doors and door frames, in the areas of use, will be sanitized weekly

  3. All pews will be sanitized weekly.

  4. Everyone using the church for practices, life groups, etc, are to minimize the contact they have with building surfaces and clean all affected surfaces before leaving.

  5. Other areas will be identified and added to the procedure based on observations during services and other activities.

8. Do’s/Don’ts

  1. Do feel free to come and enjoy the fellowship.

  2. Do expect services to be a blessing and enjoy the uniqueness of the service.

  3. Do feel free to recommend improvements.

  4. Don’t feel obligated to come if you have procedural or at risk concerns.

  5. Please do follow all the procedures in this document.

  6. Please do come if you are feeling well and have not been exposed to anyone with COVID.

    Note: Updates to this procedure will be issued as required.